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We have a dynamic Men's fellowship - The CLUB (Christian Life Unified Brothers). Teaching men of all ages how to become and stay men of God. Pastor Dewayne Sherden is the President and Founder of the Family Stabilizers, "The Man the Anchor of the Family" a conference for men every year to help men maintain healthy families.

We also have a powerful Women's Ministry, CLASSIC Women (Christian Life Spiritual Sisters In Christ) and the founders of the I'm Every Women Women's Conference. Teaching women to be women of God so they can become virtuous women for God.

We have an out of sight YOUTH Ministry. This ministry is geared to minister to the youth of today; teaching that there is no life like a Christian Life. Our Youth understands that short term pleasure equals long term pain. Our toddlers, pre-schoolers, and pre-teens have an awesome and exciting time learning God's Word. They meet weekly for bible study and rap sessions.

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